Welcome to the Papernet Webring

This webring is dedicated to connecting zinesters from all over the world. Physical and digital zines are welcome, as are distros, event organisers, and review blogs.

Okay, for now it's just a directory list while I figure out how to make a webring from fucking scratch, but you can still apply!

Site Number Site Address Owner Description
1 paranoidangel.neocities.org Ainsel Madness, magic and malice. Art, occultism, zines, personal blogging, and anything else I decide fits here.
2 grossgirl94.neocities.org grossgirl94 A cool site with cool stuff. Zines and art and music.

If you would like to be included in the Papernet Web Ring/Directory, email me with your site URL, your name and a short description of your site.


In the mean time, why not take a button for your site?

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